Single-Topic Handouts & Posters
Because most people don’t want to read a 200-page manual

Six Steps to Get the Job You Want
The “Big Picture”

A successful job search requires effort and a simple plan. Use this guide to create your plan. Topics include—

Choosing an occupation
Finding out what today’s hiring managers really want
Showing that you can do the work (or learn it quickly)
Lining up your job interviews
Selling yourself during the interview
Following-up after your interviews.

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Seven Ways to Get a Job Interview
Get your foot in the door

Sometimes just getting an interview is the hardest part of a job search. Open the door with these step-by-step proven strategies—

Networking with friends to get an interview
Send a letter and ask for an interview
Answer help-ads and job postings
Call a hiring manager and ask for an interview
Visit an employers web site and ask for an interview
Apply for work through a temp agency
Go to a job fair and set up a job interview.

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How to Write a Better Cover Letter
Use AIDA to write your cover letter

The folks who write professional sales letters use a magic formula. It’s called AIDA. Every day, AIDA encourages millions of people to pick up the phone and buy things. Let’s use AIDA to encourage a hiring manager to pick up the phone and invite you to a job interview.

A = Attention (Grab the hiring manager’s attention)
I = Interest (Hold the manager’s interest)
D = Desire (Create a desire to meet you)
A = Action (Encourage the manager to call you)

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How to Dress for a Job Interview
First impressions do matter

It may be a “business casual” world, but hiring managers expect to see people at their best when they come for a job interview. This brochure offers 20 tips on how to look the part, including—

The first thing most hiring manager will look at
Basic hygiene and good grooming tips
Body piercings
What bright colors and loud fashions say about you
The classic “White Collar” outfit
What shined shoes say about you
Something you should never bring to a job interview and much more

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Enthusiasm— The Key to a Great Job Interview
Set yourself apart with positive energy

Hiring managers agree— enthusiasm separates the winners from the losers. It can be more important than experience. Here are more than 20 ways to show enthusiasm—

Deliver a 3-point, 45-second opening statement
Show your sense of humor
Think “Can do”
Let your body language do some of the talking
Know the answers before they ask the questions
Become a “storyteller”
Show some curiosity
When the heat rises— stay cool
And much more

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Get a Grip on Handshakes
What does your handshake tell people about your personality?

In three seconds a hiring manager can shake your hand and get a read on your personality. Your handshake sends a signal. It indicates whether you are snobby, shy, brutish, playful, or sincere. Topics include—

Origin of the handshake
The “finger squeeze”
The “stuffed glove”
The “hand crush”
The “brotherhood”
The “business shake”

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Questions to Expect During a Job Interview
15 commonly asked questions— with answers

All job interviews are different. Every hiring manager has his or her own style. But, there are some routine questions you can expect. Here are 15 questions with answers, plus 15 more that you’ll have to think about. Questions like—

“Relax and tell me about yourself.”
“What do you know about our company?”
“What motivates you to do a good job?”
“Why should I hire you instead of someone else?”
“Tell me about your biggest disappointment.”
“During the past year, how many days were you late or absent from work (or school)?"
Plus, many more.

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How to Write a Powerful Resume
If you’re looking for a job, you need a resume.

Your resume is your calling card, your advertisement, your brochure, your flyer. It’s a one-page handout that shows what a good catch you are. Content includes—

The nuts and bolts of a resume
Sample resumes for people with life experience, school experience, or work experience
One easy way to find out what today’s hiring managers are looking for
How to turn job requirements into accomplishments
13 resume-writing tips
Words that add pizzazz to your accomplishments

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The Four Faces of a Job Interviewer
Be at your best with any personality type

There are four basic personality types— dictator, politician, social worker, and thinker. Which personality type does the person interviewing you have? If you know their type, you can adjust your interview style to make the best impression. You’ll learn—

The four personality types
Signs to help spot a personality
Each personality’s agenda
How to score points
How to lose points

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Sizing Up a Job Offer
There’s more to a job offer than money

Getting a job offer sure feels awesome. But, before you stand up and say, “I do,” make sure you’re a good match. Here are a few things to consider—

What did you think of the workplace during your interview?
What kind of tools and technology did they have?
What kind of training will you get?
How safe is the neighborhood?
Does the company operate in a growth industry?
The scoop on 16 different employee benefits
How to do a simple, free background check on the company
Plus lots more

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